GamuT RS 380 M


Chassis Construction: The 85kg stainless steel base for the RS380M is chosen to optimize stability, more mass gives less influence from the surroundings. The floor coupling devices are designed to be none resonant, by adding rubber dampening rings inserted into the stainless steel base plates. Hard Floor protective coupling devices are supplied with the RS 380M, assuring best possible protection of delicate floors.

Enclosure sides & bottom: Form pressed Solid wood sides over multi layered Finnish Birch plywood. Form pressing leaves an inherent force in the structure that in itself causes faster decay of non wanted vibration. Canals in the solid wood, divides the side walls in separate segments with less vibration differentiated to multiple frequencies, resulting in a minimum mechanical colouration

Front-top and rear sides: are all made from a combination of solid stainless steel plates and solid polished acrylic. The purpose is to let light from the exterior flow through the acrylic, and use two materials that in combination have very little mechanical resonance. The Stainless steel and Acrylic plates are bolted together from the inside, and mounted to the chassis from the outside with small Brass bolts that matches the look of the front grille of the El Superiores speakers.

The electrical circuitry: Our single Mos-Fet design is enhanced to a new level of performance, by critically upgrading and adjusting the design to fit the extreme requirements of the RS380M. The RS380M shows the full potential of the single Mos-Fet output stage design. The RS380M is a fully balanced design to minimize noise and distortion.

The cooling system: To optimize the performance of our Single Mos-Fet technology, we have designed a new cooling system, which is holding the temperature of the Mos-Fet at their optimum. We have designed a special noise free ventilation system, which senses the actual temperature in the Mos-Fets, and regulates the amount of air flow through the cooling surfaces to keep the temperature constant independent of the power required. Special machined air intakes and exhaust is designed to optimize flow and eliminate noise.

The Power Supply: a gigantic power supply that uses 0.5 Farad per channel and a Power transformer of 3kW, gives the basic foundation for an outstanding performance. Of course only the highest grades of components are used. A soft start circuit charges the power supply slowly, to enable use on normal mains connections. We do recommend mains connections that can run 3kW per channel to get all the performance from the RS380M.

The power on button: A first to show our new logo. Push The logo Button once and the RS380M comes alive, that is if the “power on key” on the back panel is in its “on” position. Power on is indicated by a dimmed light emitting through the band of polished acrylic wherein the power button is mounted.

The ignition key: On the rear panel an “ignition key” enables the “power on button” on the front panel. Set the Key to “off”, remove the key and no one can power up the RS380M. In case the keys get lost we can of course supply spare ones.

Internal wiring: all internal wires are GamuT “WormHoles” both for low voltages and for high currents

The Inputs: RCA and XLR balanced inputs are available. A switch on the backside enables the one or the other
The Output Terminals: are made from solid stainless steel, brass and Gold plated OFC copper.
The Terminals are designed to minimize contact resistance by optimizing the surface contact area by using striped wire.
The terminals also accept Banana plugs, or custom spades.
The terminals are insulated externally to avoid electrical shock and comply with electrical regulations.
Two sets of terminals are present, one if running directly on the Mos-Fets, the second one has a slight filtering above 50kHz.

The GamuT “WormHoles” Internal cables, A new GamuT development.
-The “WormHoles” optimizes the impulse behaviour and controls the resonant character of the Cable load
-The “WormHoles” design minimizes the influence by the electric insulation
-The design consists of individual insulated conductors, with a special surrounding woven material.
-The “WormHoles” design weaves two individual wires into one single pair of wires.
-The “WormHoles” are directional, which means that even internally in the speaker one end is connected to the terminals, the other end to the drivers
-The “WormHoles” proprietary design minimizes stored energy in the cable, and diversifies it away from the signal path
-The Benefit: Transparency, Clarity & Freedom of coloration and resonance.
-“More music less noise”

GamuT Power Amplifiers in general
Just think of how you love the clarity of the small class A amp, the fluid softness of the tubes and the sheer power of the mos-fets. Ever wondered why you can't have it all at the same time? Well don't. The GamuT range of power amplifiers combines all the advantages and adds a power potential that will blow your mind. Take your pick they come in 6 sizes. From 100 to 380 watts per channel. In stereo or monoblock configuration.

The Trouble With Power
The transistor is a great invention for amplification in general. It's effective on power, energy consumption and production cost. So far, so good. The flipside of it is however that transistors do not carry the same sound characteristics even if they are built together on the same day. So a powerful amplifier made with 32 transistors is more likely to sound like a choir than a single and clear voice.

The GamuT Solution
To achieve the purity and clarity that our clients demand, we have come up with a very simple and very effective solution. We only use one transistor per channel, but a very large one indeed. Using a single massive transistor allows us to tune them to sonic perfection and lay out a much simpler signal path. The transistors we use are massively expensive, but we think it's worth it, and you might agree when you hear our amplifiers perform.


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