Goldring Elektra


Elektra Cartridge

The Elektra is a low-cost moving magnet phono cartridge which incorporates several audiophile features. Tracking ability is excellent and this cartridge uses an Elliptical stylus tip. The low-mass cantilever assembly has a surprisingly wide ranging compatibility with the best tonearms and turntables available.

Replacement styli: D152E stylus

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Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz±3dB 

Channel Balance: 2dB @ 1kHz 

Channel Separation: 20dB @ 1kHz 

Sensitivity: 5mV±2dB, 1kHz @ 5 cm/sec 

Static Compliance: 16mm/N 

Equivalent tip mass: 0.7 mg 

Vertical Tracking Angle: 26° 

Stylus Radius: Elliptical .0007??? x .0003??? (18x7) 

Stylus Type: Replaceable 

Load Resistance: 47,000 Ohm 

Load Capacitance: 150-400pF 

Internal Inductance: 560 mH 

Internal Resistance: 700 Ohm 

Cartridge Weight: 4.2g 

Fixing Centre: 0.5??? (12.7mm) 

Playing Weight: 1.5-2.0g (1.7g nom.)



, pris = 1200 kr
(från 100 kr/mån)


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