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All Utopia in a 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker with moderate size, that's Scala Utopia. Endowed with superlative performance, Scala Utopia delivers incredible musicality. Everything is easy for this loudspeaker, everything becomes obvious, music is naturally flowing. Scala Utopia is not even difficult to set up or install. That's a prestigious and fascinating loudspeaker, very high-end, without the common drawbacks.

A reference 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker
Very high-end but with moderate size
Utopia 3 technologies: Beryllium, IAL2TM, Focus TimeTM, OPC+TM, WTM, Power FlowerTM, Gamma StructureTM
Sound personalization with adjustable bass and treble levels
100% Focal manufacture

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6 1/2" (16.5cm) Power Flower midrange "W" driver
- 3rd generation W composite sandwich technology, laser cut-out
- Power Flower magnet, maximal power and reduced magnetic leaks
IAL2 pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
- very large bandwidth from 1 to 40kHz
- IAL2 (Infinite Acoustic Loading): low resonance frequency at 580Hz
- definition, rapidity and transparency of the midrange/treble
11" (27cm) "W" woofer
- 3rd generation W composite sandwich technology, laser cut-out
- powerful permanent magnet
High section laminar port
- no air flow or distortion noises
- no dynamic compression of the bass
Focus Time
- mechanical phase optimization of the drivers
- driver orientation towards the listener
Gamma Structure
- MDF panels up to 2" (5cm) for a stable mechanical reference
- anti-vibration heavy structure, optimized by vibratory cartography
OPC+ filtering
- Bass adjustment on ±1dB, treble on ±1.5dB
- audiophile type components
- WBT connectors
Type: 3-way, floorstanding bass-reflex loudspeaker
Drivers: 11"(27cm) “W” woofer
- Power Flower 6 1/2"(16.5cm) “W” Midrange
- IAL2 pure Beryllium inverted dome 1" (27mm) tweeter
Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 28Hz - 40kHz
Response at - 6dB: 24Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m): 92dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ?
Minimal impedance: 3.1 ?
Filtering frequencies: 250Hz / 2200Hz
Recommended amp power: 40 - 500W
Dimensions (H x B x D): 1247 x 393 x 670mm
Weight: 85kg


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