Clearaudio Basic +


Simple to use yet full of features, this unit matches moving magnet as well as moving coil cartridges via a switch located on the bottom side. It's advanced circuitry also automatically matches the impedance of the cartridge used.

A winner and an unbeatable reference unit in its class.


Mode: MM / MC
Amplification @ 1 kHz: 60dB (MC) 40dB (MM)
Input impedance: 800 Ohm/pF (MC), 47 kOhm / 270 pF (MM)
MM / MC input: Switchable
RIAA (75 µs / 318 µs / 3180 µs): Yes
RIAA accuracy: ±0.2 dB
Distortion: 0,004%
Signal to noise ratio: > 65 dB (MC)
Crosstalk: > 90 dB
Max. output voltage: 11 V (1kHz)
Operation voltage: ±25 V DC
Output connections: Unbalanced RCA
Weight: 1,5 kg
Dimensions (W/D/H in inches): 4.0 x 6.5 x 2.4
Dimensions (W/D/H in mm): 102 x 165 x 60


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