Clearaudio Nano Phono


The Clearaudio NANO-PHONO provides real High-End performance at a truly budget price. Clearaudio have achieved this breakthrough by using a simple, elegant and astonishingly effective design perspective. The printed circuit board is embedded within a massive precision-CNC-machined aluminium block that forms a resonance-free chassis. The miniature size of the Nano-Phono ensures outstanding technical results and unheard of quietness within its price range!

The latest sophisticated surface-mount technology is used in conjunction with precision electronic components, such as BURR-BROWN (Texas Instruments) integrated circuits, and extremely short signal paths leading to a pure, hum and noise-free music reproduction. The fully dual-mono design features separate left and right switches for input loading, gain control and MM / MC selection, extracting the best results from virtually any cartridge! The Nano Phono is also available with a practicable headphone - output (Nano Phono Headphone).

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Mode: MM and MC mode, switched by jumpers on the bottom of the unit
Input Impedance: Almost any cartridge can be used, through the use of input impedance jumpers: 50?, 100?, 400?, 1k?, 47k?
Amplification:Gain control from 34 to 67dB
Frequency response: 10Hz - 100kHz
Additional features:
- SMD technology
- External power supply (prevents disturbances from the power line)
- Gold plated RCA jacks
- High end components
- Fully Dual Mono circuit design
- Subsonic filter optional
Dimensions (W/D/H in inches): 3.1 x 3.9 x 0.79
Dimensions (W/D/H in mm): 80 x 100 x 20

  , pris = 3500 kr
(från 292 kr/mån)


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