Bladelius USB DAC


•Accepts data up to 24 bit/192 kHz

•USB powered

•Asynchronous USB transfer, re-clocking with a fixed low jitter crystal clock

•Galvanic isolation between USB and the analog circuits, which means no noise from the computer will be transferred to your amplifier

•Super low noise power supply with multistage regulation and filtering

•For low out of band noise we use low order modulator

•For a more "analog" behavior (no pre-ringing) we use a digital filter with minimum phase

•The analog output stage is a high performance stage with high drive capability


Up to 24-bit/192kHz (Burr-brown DAC chip)
Asynchronous USB transfer
Low jitter crystal osciallator
Powered by USB bus
Galvanic isolation between USB and analog circuits
Super low noise power supply with mutistage regulation and filtering
Low order modulator to filter out of band noise
Minimum phase (low pre-ringing) digital filter
High power analog output stage via high quality RCA outputs


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