Gato Audio CDD-1


For an era spanning more than 25 years, the CD-player has been the reference source of choice in millions of peoples' high-end systems. During this period, numerous technical developments have greatly improved the sound quality and stability of the Compact Disc as a medium for reproducing music.



In our soon to be launched Gato Audio CDD-1, we have combined a creamy summation of all the best technological breakthroughs stemming from these past 25 years' development, and in addition included a couple of innovations we are proud to have made especially for this groundbreaking player.



We have incorporated major improvements in all the components that influence the sound quality: The CD mechanism, the sample rate converters, the digital-to-analogue converters, low-noise and high-bandwidth analogue stages, as well as the super low-noise stable power supplies. Not only will the CDD-1 play ordinary CDs, retrieving all the fine details of your music collection through the professionally specified and widely acclaimed Philips CD PRO2 mechanism, but also by offering a choice of connecting your digital media to its dedicated digital SPDIF or USB inputs.



We have engineered the CDD-1 to last a century. Solid custom high-grade alloy profiles form the important non-resonant base of the spinning action and the delicate digital and analogue electrical circuits. The power supply, mechanism and the digital/analogue PCB's have all been physically separated to ensure optimal working conditions for each section.



By up-sampling all lower specified digital inputs to 24-bit/192kHz, the CDD-1 rewards the listener with a natural analogue approach and "sound". From here and to the very end of the chain through the analogue output connectors, the electrical design is fully dual differential. This means that each channel has its own separate power supply, separate D/A converters and separate analogue stage working symmetrically around a common ground plane. This ensures that noise levels are extremely low and the dynamic range is extremely high.



For the immensely critical analogue output stage, we have utilised our many years of experience in "voicing" analogue amplifiers to make these stages perform at their very best. In much the same way that car tuners can turn a standard passenger car into a full-blown race car, we tune in the analogue stage to perform with a natural and lifelike experience second to none.



For the first time in the history of Compact Disc technology, a combination of analogue and digital display has been chosen for use in this unique product. A very simple two-digit display shows the number of available tracks as well as the track currently played, while a mechanical analogue meter shows the running time during CD playback. It will tell you the current position on the selected track.



The CDD-1 offers a unique selection of inputs and outputs. A pair of true balanced analogue outputs together with a pair of unbalanced RCA outputs. For your digital inputs, you can enjoy the freedom of choice between a USB (type B) and a coaxial SPDIF RCA connector. This digital connector option uses the supremely competent sample rate converter and digital-to-analogue converters to vastly improve the normally lesser sound quality of any streaming device or e.g. your computer-based music collection.


Output Level:2.2 V unbalanced, 4.4 V balanced

Output Impedance:100 O unbalanced, 200 O balanced

Frequency Response:20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.2 dB

THD+N:0,002 %

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:120 dB

Digital Inputs:Up to 24 bits @ 192 kHz (S/PDIF and USB input)

Drive:Compatible with red book CD and CD-R

Digital Output:75 O coaxial S/PDIF




Balanced Analogue Output:1 pair gold-plated XLR Neutrik

Unbalanced Analogue Output:1 pair gold-plated RCA

Digital Output:1 pc. gold-plated RCA

Digital Inputs:1 pc. gold-plated RCA and 1 pc. USB type B


Size & Power


Power Requirements:115 VAC or 230 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Fuse:20 mm sand-filled, 630 mA @ 115 V, 315 mA @ 230 V

Power Consumption:Stand by

Dimensions (WxHxD):325 x 110 x 375 mm 

Weight:10 Kg 


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