Pro-Ject Dock Box S Fi


Dock Box S Fi makes your iPod part of your audiophile hifi system at home. Dock Box acts like a perfect buffer amp for the iPod and therefore lowers the distortion level significantly.
After passing an initial amplifier section, the signal is transferred to the hi-fi system with an impedance lower than 15 ohms. This guarantees troublefree signal transmission with ultra-flat frequency response and offers the best, most cost-effective way to build an audio system around an iPod.

• Compatble with all current models: iPod, iPhone, iPad
• Fi version with constant volume level - ideal when combined with existing hifi audio system
• Perfekt signal transfer from 30-pin analogue-out
• Full metal housing prevents interference
• RCA stereo output
• S-video output for on-screen monitoring
• USB port for data transfer from PC/Mac
• On/Off switch on front
• Remote control included
• Faceplates silvern or black


Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
High level audio output: 1 pair RCA connectors
Output impedance: 15 ohms
Output voltage: 0,300Veff
USB port: digital serial protocol
USB 1.1 (Windows® and MacOS®)
Video output: S-video
Power supply: 18V/500mDC, 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Power consumption: 16V/200mA DC max.
depends on battery status
Remote battery: 1 x CR2025 3V
Dimension W x H x D: (T incl. sockets) 103 x 36 x 103 (109)mm -
Height excludes iPod® or iPhone®
Weight: 585g without power supply





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