Pro-Ject Amp Box S


A ultra high-efficiency Bi-Phase PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation) circuit with SMD parts incorporates 35 years of R&D and gives outstanding audio performance, while staying cool on the outside. It fulfills our demand for high resolution with superior micro dynamics and room-filling power.
Sound quality is aimed to be as close as possible to Class A tube amplifiers with their liquid and lifelike presentation. The Amp Box S is micro-sized and therefore allows easy placement and can be switched on & off remotely via a trigger signal. A 45cm power-on cable is supplied for this purpose.
For Bi- or Tri-amplification use, the remote power-on signal can be relayed to further units.

• Ultra compact & audiophile
• NEW! advanced amplifier module
• NEW! More power and further improved performance
• Stereo input (RCA)
• Gold plated speaker sockets
• Suitable for Banana/Spade/Pin/bare wire
• Trigger input
• Trigger output for further Amp Box S
• Metal casing protects against vibration and interference
• On/Off front-sided
• Faceplate silver or black


Power output: 2 x 25W/35W @ 8/4 ohms
Frequency response: 5Hz - 20kHz (+ 0dB, - 0,5dB)
Channel separation: > 40dB @ 20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: > -100dB (IEC -A)
THD: < 0,05% @ 10W
Gain: 22dB
Input: 1 pair RCA sockets
Input sensitivity: 1V
Input impedance: 47kohm
Speaker sockets: 4mm Ø Banana sockets, spades. Pins or bare wire
Trigger 12V DC: In&Out, 2-pole jack socket Ø 2,5mm
External power supply: 20V/3A DC (peak 7A DC); 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Standby power consumption: < 1 Watt
Dimensions: W x H x D 103 x 36 x 104 (122mm with sockets)
Weight: 670g without power supply





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