Alpine CDE-178BT


The CDE-178BT is the top-of-the-line of our 2013 Head Unit range that combines all the cool new features and functions such as TuneIt compatibility for iPhone and Android based phones, allowing full sound tuning and sharing via your phone, as well as new Facebook message alerts. It is also compatible with the vTuner for Alpine iPhone app, giving you thousands of internet radio stations with control from your Head Unit. BassEngine Pro means top quality sound with a 24-Bit DAC and the high resolution display ensures best visibility in any lighting conditions. It’s Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready and Vehicle Display Interface Ready, for a perfect install in almost any vehicle. If your car is equipped with a start-stop engine, this Head Unit is even more interesting for you, since it will keep playing when your engine stops at a crossroad.


4 x 50W
3 x lågnivå 4 volt
USB på baksida
9-bands parametrisk EQ
AUX ingång på baksida 3,5mm
Inbyggd Bluetooth
1000mA USB laddning
TuneIt app med iPhone/Android
Fjärrkontroll förberedd
Bassengine PRO
v-Tuner webradio med iPhone
App direct mode
6-kanals tidskomp
4 Belysningsfärger
Högupplöst LCD Display
Digitalt filter Hög/lågpass


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