Clearaudio Performance DC


Are you looking for top-drawer high-end performance combined with ease of set-up and use? The Performance DC is the most advanced of our packages combining turntable, tonearm and cartridge.

The Performance DC features a built-in DC motor designed to deliver exceptional smoothness and fine adjustment of speeds, in conjunction with a precision-machined 40mm-thick black POM platter which provides excellent acoustic properties. The platter rests on Clearaudio's patented ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB) which, by using a magnetic field to effectively float the bearing on air, reduces friction, wear and noise by avoiding any point of load.

The simple and refined design of the Performance DC with its clean lines and elegant finish matches its excellent audio performance.

Combined with Clearaudio's Clarify carbon tonearm and Virtuoso V2 MM cartridge, the Performance DC offers a complete solution to the audiophile, delivering a turntable package in a whole new class.


* Construction: Resonance-optimised turntable, highly compressed wood chassis in sandwich construction embedded between two aluminium plates.
* Speed ranges: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm
* Drive unit (motor): Decoupled and resonance damped DC motor, drive belt and plug-in power supply unit designed for worldwide use with all networks and power frequencies.
* Rumble: DIN IEC 98 by method A / 92 dB
* Bearing: Cut and polished ceramic shaft in a sintered bronze bushing, Clearaudio ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB)
* Platter: CNC precision-machined black coloured POM platter, 40mm thickness
* Speed variation: +/- 0.03 %
* Weight: Approx. 11.5 kg incl. motor
* Dimensions: (w/d/h in mm): Approx. 420 x 330 x 130




, pris = 37990 kr
(från 3166 kr/mån)

, pris = 37990 kr
(från 3166 kr/mån)

, pris = 2600 kr
(från 217 kr/mån)


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