Clearaudio Performer V2 MM


A range of moving magnet (MM) cartridges to suit all budgets, recently enhanced to V2 versions.

(In order of price: low to high)
* Concept V2
* Performer V2
* Artist V2
* Virtuoso V2
* Maestro V2

With the V2 series of MM cartridges, Clearaudio set new standards in the technical parameters of impedance, inductance, load capacitance and sensitivity. Ongoing research and development have enabled us to attain near perfect balance of the stereo channels, reduce distortion to vanishing levels and increase output level with a flat frequency response to provide a vivid and enthralling musical performance.

All of our MM V2 cartridges deliver the following enhancements over earlier models:
A resonance-optimized ebony housing for less colouration and more natural sound
More powerful magnets producing greater dynamic range
Higher output voltage for lower noise levels.

The Concept V2, Performer V2, Artist V2 and Virtuoso V2 all feature aluminium cantilevers and double polished elliptical styli, while the Maestro V2 has a has a boron cantilever and micro HD stylus.

The Virtuoso V2 and Maestro V2 include matched magnet and coil assemblies.

See our technical specifications below for comparative performance levels across the range.


* Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
* Output voltage (1kHz, 5cm/s): ~ 3.3 mV
* Channel separation (1kHz): > 20 dB
* Channel balance (1kHz): < 1.5 dB
* Tracking ability: 80 µm
* Tracking ability(recommended 2.0 - 2.5 g): 2.2 gram
* Coil impedance (1kHz): 0.66 kO
* Coil inductance: 0.40 H
* Load resistance: 47 kO
* Load capacitance: 100 pF
* Cantilever: Aluminium
* Weight: 6.0 gram


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