Clearaudio Nano Phono V2


Nano Phono Headphone V2

Barely larger than a deck of playing cards, the Nano Phono delivers real high-end performance at a budget price – thanks to an astonishingly effective design.

The printed circuit board is embedded within a solid CNC-machined aluminium block, which forms a resonance-free chassis. The latest sophisticated surface-mount technology is used in conjunction with precision electronic components, such as Burr-Brown (Texas Instruments) integrated circuits, and extremely short signal paths leading to pure, hum and noise-free music reproduction.

The fully dual-mono design features separate left and right switches for input loading, gain control and choice of MM or MC sensitivity, extracting the best results from virtually any cartridge.

The Nano Phono is also available with a headphone output (Nano Phono Headphone).


* Amplification: 54 to 68 dB (MC – Mode)
34 to 48 dB (MM – Mode)
* Input load: 47 kO / 220pF / MM
User / MC
* MM / MC – input: switchable (at bottom)
* RIAA: 75µs / 318µs / 3180µs
* RIAA accuracy: ± 0,4 dB at 20Hz-50kHz
* THD: < 0,006% MC ("A" weighted at 1kHz/ - 1dB@ Max
* Headroom: 18dB / MC
* S/N: 70 dB ("A" Weighted)
81 dB ("A" Weighted)
* Channel separation: > 80 db (1 kHz)
* Max. output voltage: 10 V eff. (1 kHz)
* Power supply: ±18 V DC/300mA (external power supply)
* Consumption power: < 0,3W/Standby mode
* Inputs / outputs: asymmetrical (RCA)
* Weight: 500 g (Phonostage and power supply)
* Dimensions (W/D/H in mm): 85 x 106 x 25


, pris = 3890 kr
(från 324 kr/mån)


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