Loewe Art 40 UHD


The new Loewe Art Ultra HD range boasts the world's fastest channel changing times. Making it quick and easy for you to flick through channels, to see what's on and find what you want to watch. Loewe Instant Channel Zapping introduces high-speed channel changes, taking beautifully intuitive operation to a whole new level.

Keep flicking!
Channel hopping has never been such fun!

We all do it. Despite streaming portals and media libraries, we still love to flick through TV channels: Music show. Current affairs. Drama. Financial analysis. Washing powder advertisement. Thriller. Isn't that Viggo Mortensen? Keep flicking! Why do we do it? What are we hoping to find? A chat show, a wildlife documentary or even a football match? That's not what it's about. We channel hop because we enjoy the surprises it brings. Not to mention the amazing insights into the world around us.

The new Loewe Art's lightning-fast channel change make channel hopping a real pleasure

Loewe has discovered the secret
of high-speed channel changing.

The new Loewe Art creates a 'film editing' like effect for channel changes: with no blank frame or pause! How does it work? Our TV sets have two receivers which process digital signals independently of each other. While one tuner is showing your current programme, the second is busy loading the next channel in the background. You simply switch to this image when you change channels. At lightning speed.

Loewe Smart tv2move.
Watch television. Independently. Enjoy.

The Smart tv2move app transforms your tablet into a second television: allowing you to watch one channel on your Loewe TV set while streaming another programme to your tablet. Giving you ultimate flexibility in your choice of viewing location, even on your patio or veranda, anywhere within your home network.

The Loewe Smart tv2move App is expected to be available during March 2015 for tablets running Android 4.0 and Apple iOS 8.

Läs mer på: www.loewe.tv


* 40"
* Bildformat: 16:9.
* 200 Hz skärmteknik, 3840 x 2160
* Aktiv 3D teknologi och 2D till 3D konventering: Ja
* Tv-mått (B x H x D): 91 x 60,4(med stativ) x 5,5 cm
* Vikt: ? kg
* Uttag För 2st CA-Modul Ci+ godkännd
* 4st HDMI (2.0)
* 3st USB Version 3.0
* Ethernet uttag
* Scart, S-VHS, VGA, RS-232
* Vikt: 15,2 kg med stativ 17,5 kg
* Mått: 910 x 574 x 55mm, med stativ: 910 x 604 x 250mm 


Chrome Silver


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