Advance X-CD3


The X-Cd3, new CD player combines a superb presentation to a perfect technical accuracy.

The X-Cd3 is composed of a metal frame which reduces the risk of interference between the different components of your Hi-Fi system. The metal mechanical component is suspended in order to avoid the development of vibrations during playback.

The switched-mode power supply provides electrical power to the different circuits.

The converter 24 bits – 192 kHz, ensures outstanding performing ability. Nothing has been left to chance,all resistors and capacitors are "audiophiles".

The audio output stage was carefully designed, bringing a great softness and real natural musical rendition, outstanding in its category.

X-Cd3 can read CD – CDR – MP3

It provides one analog stereo output and two digital outputs : one optical and one coaxial.

A global remote control device delivered with X-Cd3 makes it easier to use.

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* Nominal output level: 2V
* Frequency response (-3db): 10 Hz - 45 kHz
* Distortion: < 0.1%
* Output impedance: 10 kΩ
* Signal/Noise ratio: ≤ 80 dB
* Converter: 24 bits – 192 kHz
* AC input: 115V/230V
* Power consumption max < 20 W
* Stand by consumption < 0,5 W
* CD deck brand and model: MTK MT1389DE
* Dimensions (H x B x D): 105 x 430 x 285 mm
* Net weight: 4,14 kg


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