Rotel RMB-1565


The RMB-1565 is designed around the same superb Class D design as the RMB-1575 but with a slightly smaller output of 5 x 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It is the perfect choice for medium to large home theater rooms. Plus, just like its bigger brother, it will double its output with more difficult lower impedance loads, thereby providing 5 x 200 watts into 4 ohms. It also includes all of the custom installation features such as 12 volt triggers, and “U height” dimensions that are demanded of today’s modern power amplifiers.

*Note – all Rotel 15 series components may be rack mounted and remotely controlled via RS-232, IR, or 12 volt (depending on model) for complete stealth operation.

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* Power Ouput All channels driven:
100 watts x 5/ch (20-20 kHz, 0.03% THD, 8 ohms)
200 watts x 5/ch (20-20 kHz, 0.03% THD, 4 ohms)
* THD (20-20,000Hz) 8 ohms, all channels driven: < 0.03%
* IM Distortion: < 0.03%
* Damping Factor (8 ohms): 400
* Gain: 27.2dB
* Input Sens. / Impedance: 1.2 V / 8.3 k Ohms
* Frequency Response (+/-1 dB): 10Hz-40kHz
* S/N Ratio (IHF A): 109 dB
* Power Consumption: 280 Watts
* Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 431 x 99 x 339 mm
* Weight (net): 6 kg





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