Anthem A2


Multi-Talented Performers

Like their larger and even more powerful siblings, A2 and A5 amplifiers are muscular in character and musical by nature. They are multi-talented performers more than capable of supplying the power behind the sonically demanding aspects of surround-sound home theater, or recreating, with remarkable finesse and transparency, the ‘immediacy’ of a live music performance. The secret behind their award-winning performance can be found in Anthem’s unwavering commitment to state-of-the-art design.

A2 and A5 amplifiers boast: completely modular construction; a four-layer circuit board topology; mirror-imaged, frequency-response channel matching; eight bipolar output devices per channel; hand-matched complementary input devices; massive toroidal power supplies; oversize convection-cooled aluminum heatsinks; and a no-fuse design strategy.

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* 2 x 200w RMS 8 ohm all driven
* Ingångar: XLR och RCA ingångar
* Trigger in och ut
* Går att rackmontera (tillval)
* Mått (H x W x D): 194 x 438 x 343 mm
* Vikt: 15,5 kg


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