Clearaudio Performance DC TT5 Essence MC


The Performance DC is a complete package designed to open up the high-end listening experience to those who prefer to avoid the selection and adjustment of separate cartridges or tonearms, and who simply seek the best in music reproduction. A newly developed DC motor with high precision bearings and belt drive, in conjunction with a platter of 40mm-thick POM which rests on a Clearaudio ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB), provide optimal conditions for the correct sampling of the record groove.

The elegant and simple appearance of the Performance DC with its clear lines matches its excellent audio performance.
In combination with the CLARIFY tonearm and the VIRTUOSO V2 moving magnet (MM) cartridge, a turntable package has been created that leaves virtually nothing to be desired. Excellent tracking properties and hyper-accurate speed synchronisation ensure the ultimate listening pleasure.

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* Construction: Resonance-optimised turntable, highly compressed wood chassis in sandwich construction embedded between two aluminium plates.
* Speed ranges: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm
* Tonarm: TT5
* Pickup: Essence MC
* Mått(BxHxD): 420 x 130 x 330 mm
* Vikt: 11.5kg


, pris = 3200 kr
(från 267 kr/mån)


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