XTZ 99 W10.16


99 W10.16 is a smaller version of the immensely popular 99 W12.16. It uses the same powerful amp as the big brother. A lyric critic wrote "Conclusively the 99 W10.16 appears to be one of the cheapest and best ways to achiev a good bass performance. And if you think it´s too cheap, buy two of them!"

* Black high gloss paint
* 10" long stroke driver with aluminum cast basket
* 300W RMS amplifier
* Balanced input
* Toroidal transformer
* 26 kg
* Room tuning for adaptation to different rooms
* 4 basic characters
* Selectable bass reflex- or sealed construction
* 2 EQ boost buttons for different bass characters
* Switchable subsonic filter

Läs mer på: www.xtz.se


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