Axton ATB25P

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Aktiv platt 10″ bas med autostart. 180w RMS. 2st slavbasar

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Aktiv platt 10″ bas med autostart. 180w RMS

AXTON’s active subwoofers are the best choice of all for an uncomplicated bass upgrade: as an addition to an existing sound system, but also where you want to sacrifice as little space as possible and do not want to install a separate power amp. Powered bass boxes that combine amp and woofer in a single enclosure, can be installed in the trunk with very little effort and provide the bass extension down low.

It doesn’t come much more compact – this is the slogan AXTON is using for its new active subwoofer ATB25P with passive radiators. In about the size of a DIN A4 page and with a minimal height of 81 mm, this tiny bass miracle can be installed almost anywhere in the car – for example even under the driver or passenger seat.

Key Features
* Die-cast aluminum housing
* Built-in 180 W RMS class A/B amp
* PWM Mosfet power supply
* 10“/25 cm woofer
* 2 passive radiators (185 x 52 mm) for deep, powerful bass
* RCA input
* High-level input with auto turn-on
* Phase-shift control with 0/180°
* Lowpass filter 50 – 150 Hz, subsonic filter (20 Hz)
* Bass boost 0 – 18 dB @ 45 Hz
* External bass level remote control


* RMS power: 180 watts
* THD: < 0.4 %
* Signal to noise ratio: > 90 dB
* Frequency response: 20 – 150 Hz
* Variable input sensitivity high-level: 330 mV – 9 V
* Variable input sensitivity low-level: 100 mV – 6 V
* Dimensions (D x W x H): 345 x 245 x 81 mm

Läs mer på: www.axton.de



Tyska bilstereo produkter i hög preestanda till attraktiva priser. Axton är i framkant på aktiva subwoofers och anpassade för extremt små utrymmen.