Cyrus Audio CDT-XR


CD-transport med Cyrus egna ”servo”. Förbättrad ”re-clocking” av den digitala signalen. Opt och coax ut.. Stöd för PSX-R upgrade

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The CDt-XR is designed as a reference CD transport, building on the legacy of the CDt and the CD XT Signature models, but incorporating many novel technologies developed in-house at Cyrus over recent years. Housed within our iconic half-width chassis, The CDt-XR sits above the existing CDi and CDt models, offering a substantive performance upgrade. Listeners will notice a dramatic lowering of the noise floor, bringing enhanced clarity and nuanced detail, brought about through significant design improvements in many areas, yet the characteristic ‘Cyrus-sound’ has been retained.

Several years ago, Cyrus invested heavily in developing our own in-house CD ‘Servo’ mechanism, our ‘Servo Evolution’. The design principle is to read as much information as possible from the disc itself first time, rather than having to rely on ‘re-reads’ or ‘error-correction’.

Whilst it is true that the data on a CDs is stored in ‘1s and 0s’, the way it is read, using picking up different frequencies of reflected light, has analogue elements to it. Therefore, precision engineering can improve the performance. Off-the-shelf mechanisms produce significant ‘system noise’ when the stepper motors of the mechanism are required to be used during the error correction processes when the data was not picked up on the first pass. Our ‘Servo-Evolution’ system reduces these re-reads and corrections by around 20%, producing not only a cleaner data stream, but significantly less noise.

The CDt-XR, like all products in the XR series, has had a complete overhaul of the power supplies to each circuit section. The power supplies are much stiffer and have enabled the Cyrus engineers to the get the remarkable SE engine to run even more quietly.

Upgraded components along with intelligently designed circuits using ‘counter-current’ methodologies to reduce noise pickup are in evidence throughout the design.

The fundamental principle is that power starts at the ‘quietest’ part of the circuit, before flowing towards the ‘noiser’ sections. Less noise is therefore ‘carried’ or induced into the power paths, limiting the transmission of noise inside the product. Whilst this sounds logical, the application in practice is incredibly complex, and needs to be considered at a system-wide level. Even the geometric alignment of individual components has been optimized to facilitate the cleanest possible flow of power and musical signal.

A key improvement in the CDt-XR is the re-clocking of the digital signal just before it exits the case. Although noise and timing accuracy are both carefully managed throughout the circuit, this final re-clocking ensures the absolute purity of the outbound digital signal through both the optical and coaxial connections.

It’s worth noting that whilst an integrated CD player offers exceptional value and, although the CDi-XR is as close to ideal as technology reasonably allows, the presence of a DAC circuit in the same case, means the sound can never be as ‘absolutely’ clean as that from a dedicated transport. That, coupled with the fact that the integrated and pre-amplifiers in the XR series, all have pristine on-board Gen 2 QXR DACs, means the CDt-XR is, when used with a complete Cyrus system, the connoisseur’s choice


* Digital CD transport
* Servo Evolution technology
* Optical and coaxial outputs
* PSU-XR upgrade port
* User upgradable firmware
* iR14 Remote control included
* Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm
* Weight – 3.7kg

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