Focal K2 Power EC165K


Focal 6,5″ Koaxial K2 Power

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The EC 165 K kit is composed of two 165 mm (6½”) woofers with coaxial tweeters.
Like all speaker drivers in the K2 Power line, the coaxial woofers of the EC 165 K kit are also equipped with Kevlar® cones. These cones are endowed with all the ideal qualities: lightness, rigidity and excellent damping, to deliver dynamic sound and perfect definition. The cones are fixed to the frame using TMD suspension, whose exclusive design removes unwanted resonances and reduces the effects of distortion.

The two TKM inverted dome tweeters are composed of aramid fibres. Their exclusive “M”-shaped profile is designed to control deformation of the dome, and to reproduce with precision smoothly high frequencies up to 22 kHz. The frames have been redesigned to make them more robust and shorter; their depth has been reduced as much as possible: 74 mm (3″). These tweeters are equipped with built-in crossovers.

The kit is supplied with aluminium and mesh grilles.

Initially developed for Sopra high-fidelity loudspeakers, TMD suspension (Tuned Mass Damper) features a special structure designed to control unwanted resonance and drastically reduce the harmonic distortion caused by the stress the cone is subject to. This patented technology endows the speaker driver with a very realistic mid-range with great definition.

A major innovation of the K2 Power line, the inverted dome tweeter in aramid fibres benefit from a new profile: M-shaping.

The speaker drivers used for the K2Power have been completely redesigned. Each component is the result of extensive research in acoustics to push back the limits of performance, of power and of precision! The K2Power Kevlar® cone, a product of unique expertise Made In Focal, is to this day second to none. Composed of an ultra-light foam structure sandwiched between a thin layer of Kevlar® aramid fibres, and a layer of glass fibres, the K2Power cone combines three key factors of quality acoustics: Rigidity / Lightness / Damping, for precise and dynamic sound.


* Inverted dome ”M”-shaped tweeter
* Reinforced tweeter post
* Flush tweeter (compact)


* 2-way coaxial kit
* Diameter: 6½”(165mm)
* Voice coil diameter: 1″ (25mm)
* Voice coil height: 0 9/16″ (15mm)
* Motor: Magnet
* Tweeter: TKM (”M” profile aramid fiber inverted dome)
* Cone: Composite K2 Power ”W” sandwich cone
* Surround: Tuned Mass Damper (TMD®)
* Max. power: 160W
* Nom. power: 80W RMS
* Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 93dB
* Frequency response: 60Hz – 22kHz
* Impedance: 4 Ω
* Accessories: Supplied grilles

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Focal Bil

Focal anses som absolut toppskiktet när det gäller ljud för hemmet, varför skulle man då inte kunna tillverka ljud till bilen.
För att kombinera nöjet att köra med kärleken till ljud och musik, behandla dig själv med högpresterande hi-fi-utrustning för din bil. Focal tillverkar idag flertalet alternativ för dom flesta bilar och är kanske det bästa man nästan kan stoppa i en bil.