Meridian DSP320


OBS! Säljs styckvis! DSP-högt för in-wall- och takmontering


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DSP-högt för in-wall- och takmontering

OBS! Säljs styckvis!

Köp till Rough-In box DSP320 för 2500:-

Meridian’s in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers use identical DSP Digital Active technology to our free-standing models, and share the same accurate, authentic sound, making it easy to build systems that combine in-wall and free-standing designs.

A winner of the 2015 CE Pro Best Award and finalist in CEDIA’s ‘Best New Product for 2015’, the DSP320 is the latest addition to Meridian’s installation loudspeaker range. It is the most compact of the three, at just 300mm square and only 100mm deep. In addition to in-wall applications, it can also be used in-ceiling where required.


The DSP320 features an 85mm wide-range driver and an oval bass driver, combining high performance with compact size. The use of a wide-range driver across the speech band helps create a loudspeaker with an effortless sound that remains clear, open and spacious, even at high listening levels. Meridian’s knowledge of psychoacoustics and expertise in DSP technology enables the sound image to be lowered, creating an immersive and far more authentic sound – something that cannot be achieved in a conventional passive loudspeaker.

The drivers are mounted into the front of the enclosure itself, while a separate upper case holds the electronics, consisting of DSP, digital audio converters and an individual 80W Class D amplifier per driver.

The DSP320 features Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) to provide accurate time-alignment of a wide range of frequencies across the range of both drivers – a significant advance over conventional time-alignment, which can only be performed on a per-driver basis.

Like all Meridian loudspeakers, the DSP320 is particularly easy to install. Being active designs, they require power to be supplied to the unit, along with one or RJ45 SpeakerLink digital audio/control cables (input and, optionally, output for daisy-chaining) – and that’s it. The installation may be flush-mounted or with an optional bezel to hold the paintable grille, which attaches magnetically. All the elements – fireproof rough-in box, frame, loudspeaker enclosure, included scrim and grille – allow room for adjustment (except when flush-mounted) so that the entire assembly can be fitted with precision into almost any type of wall.


* In-wall / In –Ceiling DSP Loudspeaker
* Meridian SpeakerLink connector (RJ45)
* Amp: 80W Class D amplifier (wide-range driver)
80W Class D amplifier (bass driver)
* 85mm wide-range driver and ‘Racetrack’ oval bass driver
* All-metal construction throughout, consisting of back-box, mounting frame, aluminium extruded baffle with rear enclosure and front steel grille
* Product 299.5 x 299.5 x 103 mm, Recommended cut-out 302.5mm square Visible size with optional grille frame 315.5mm square. For wall cut-out and rough-in box dimensions, see engineering drawings and installation instructions

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Engelsk tillverkare av högpresterande, högkvalitativa ljud- och videokomponenter och system som grundades 1977 av Bob Stuart och Allen Boothroyd.
Företaget var bland de första som introducerade aktiva högtalare (högtalare med effektförstärkare inuti högtalaren) designade för den inhemska marknaden och var det första brittiska företaget som tillverkade en CD-spelare 1983. Meridian MCD, som lanserades 1985, var den första audiofil CD-spelare. [2] I sin recension av MCD skrev ljudtekniker och Stereophile-grundare J. Gordon Holt, "För första gången är ljudet från de bästa CD-skivorna (Telarcs, RealTimes och Sheffields) verkligen flytande och transparent, med en ansträngning som jag inte har tidigare hört med undantag från de bättre analoga källorna ... Hittills är detta den bäst ljudande CD-spelaren jag har stött på. "[3] Meridian skapade också den första digitala surroundljudprocessorn, 565 1994 också. som de första DSP-baserade digitala aktiva högtalarna. Idag är företagets två största marknader USA [4] och Storbritannien.