Monitor Audio CP-WT380IDC


OBS! Pris per styck! CP-WT380 3-vägs inbyggnadshögtalare för vägg, Controlled Performance (sluten låda) med en 8″ bas, 4″ mellan och en 1″ C-Cam diskant


OBS! Pris per styck!

Monitor Audio CP-WT380IDC 3-vägs inbyggnadshögtalare för vägg, Controlled Performance (sluten låda) med en 8″ bas, 4″ mellan och en 1″ C-Cam diskant

Incorporating Monitor Audio’s innovative, pivoting Inverted Dual Concentric (IDC) midrange/tweeter module and 8″ RST C-CAM bass driver, the three-way CP-WT380IDC represents the highest level of new CP performance.

* Pivoting IDC C-CAM gold dome tweeter.
* Pivoting module consisting of IDC midrange driver and C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter.
* C-CAM bass driver featuring Rigid Surface Technology (RST).
* High overall efficiency.
* High frequency level adjustment (+/-3 dB).
* Midrange frequency level adjustment.
* Boundary compensation controls.
* Die-cast aluminium front baffle.
* Our innovative Tri-Grip fixing system is easier to install than conventional clamping schemes but provides three times the surface area and a better surface seal, maximising bass response and mid-range clarity.
* Magnetic and easily removable steel grille.
* Paint-able surface to blend with the living environment. Additional scrim material is provided for trouble free painting.
* Airtight enclosure design, which protects each precision-engineered driver system against the damaging ingress of dust and dirt.

* Frekvensomfång: 50 Hz – 30 kHz
* Impedans (Nominell): 6 ohms
* Känslighet: (1W@1M): 89 dB
* Maximum SPL 109.6 dBA
* Effekttålighet (RMS): 120 W
* Recommenderad förtstäkareffekt: 30 – 120 W
* Crossover Frequency / Slope: Bass low pass: 300 Hz @ 6 dB / Octave
Mid: 300 Hz @ 6 dB / Octave
& 3 kHz @ 12 dB / Octave
* Bestyckning: 3-Way 8″ C-CAM® RST cone bass driver
4″ C-CAM IDC® cone mid range driver
1″ C-CAM gold dome tweeter
(tweeter & midrange driver combined in a pivoting module)
* Justeringar: HF Nivå Switch: ( +3dB / 0dB / -3dB )
MF Level Switch: (+3dB/ 0dB/ -3dB)
Boundary Compensation Switch
* Total Diameter (including grille) (H x W): 472.5 x 303.5 mm
* Totalt djup: 106 mm
* Håldiameter (H x W): 438 x 269 mm
* Monteringsdjup: 99 mm
* Fixering: 6 positions Tri-Grip® ”dog leg” hållare
* Konstruktionsmaterial: Mineral Fylld ABS Plast
* Monteringsmall: WB10 (Light Brown)
* Vikt: 5.62kg

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