MTX TR Terminator 4″ koaxialhögtalare

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The MTX TR40C coaxial speakers shine with their sound quality, very high power handling and exceptional finish. It is advisable to use the TR40C with a small amplified subwoofer such as the MTX TRT8p, RTT8P, TRP8, RTP8 or RTF10P to reinforce the low frequencies.

The quality of a loudspeaker depends 2/3 on the quality of the assembly. It is necessary to perfectly seal and stiffen the support with the speaker and the door.

To enjoy all the sound quality, it is strongly recommended to use an external amplifier such as the TR275, TX2275 or the TR450, TX2450 whose power and musicality transfigure the music.


* Electroplated and brushed injected polypropylene cone
* Laser cut logos for a perfect finish
* 13mm Mylar tweeter with phase lens
* 25mm aluminum voice coil for efficient cooling
* Rubber suspension for improved reliability
* Soft and musical listening
* Original MTX chassis, grils and tweeter
* High power handling


* 2-way coaxial speakers
* Diameter : 10cm (4″)
* Peak Power : 180W
* RMS Power : 45W
* Sensitivity : 90,5dB/2,83v/1m
* Impedance : 4Ω
* Response : 65Hz – 22000Hz
* Mounting Depth : 43,6mm
* Grilles included

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