Nevo Connect NC-50

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NevoConnect NC-50 är en intelligent bridge som möjliggör total kontroll med Nevo Q50.


Nevo Connect

Gain complete control of components that are in another room or hidden inside cabinets away from view.
NevoConnect NC-50 is an intelligent bridge enabling total control with Nevo Q50.


* 7 individually addressable IR blasters (6 ports on
the back, 1 set of LEDs in the front with a 180
and two way degree spread)
* Output Support: IR Serial (RS-232 1-way)
* Power and Video Sensing input for seamless
macro execution
* Reliable and robust 2-way RF (Z-wave)
* Feedback LEDs to show individual port activity
* Adjustable IR output level
* Firmware upgradeable via USB or Z-wave
* RF antenna to enable optimal placement
* Industry standard 3.5mm IR ports
* RF Frequency: European 868.42 MHz




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