Polk Audio TL1600

Högtalarpaket 5.1Högtalarpaket 5.1

5.1 system i Svart från Polk Audio

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High Performance, Compact Size, Surprising Price
Now, professional surround-sound excitement is easier and more accessible than ever before. The TL1600 is a complete home theatre system, with four TL1 speakers, a TL1 centre speaker and a professionally-matched TL1600 powered subwoofer. The TL1600 is everything you need to get started, and it packs the accumulated wallop of Polk’s 30 years of award-winning compact speaker know-how.

TL1600 Features:

* The silk dome tweeter delivers a classic, clear, detailed Polk performance, with pinpoint imaging and smooth highs that are never tiring.

* An aperiodic-tuned rear-firing bass port combines the extension of a ported enclosure with the smoother low-end of an acoustic suspension enclosure, controlling port air flow for the kind of big bass response, and perfect speaker-subwoofer blending, you’d never expect from a loudspeaker you can hold in the palm of your hand.

* A super-small long-throw mid-bass driver, tuned with our patented Dynamic Balance® technology, delivers astonishingly smooth, flat frequency response, superior transparency and detail, and the surprising ability to play really, really loud for such a small speaker.

* Time Lens® technology aligns the acoustic centres of the tweeter and mid-bass driver on the same spatial plane for superior imaging, whilst an acoustic lens incorporated in the grille smoothens the tweeter’s frequency response.

* The unique curved enclosure design employs non-parallel surfaces to strengthen the acoustically inert enclosure and deliver less audible colouration from internal surface resonances.

* Because of its Extended Linear Motion motor structure, the moving parts of the drivers used in the Blackstone® TL Series can move farther, more smoothly, in a smaller space than any other speaker driver in an enclosure this size, achieving the kind of dynamic response (clarity, volume) you’d expect from much larger speakers.

* Polk’s proprietary, patented Dynamic Balance technology allows our engineers to design out distortion-causing driver and system resonances, so you only hear the good sounds.

* Hi-Gloss ”Blackstone” finish, a durable, deep automotive-strength finish that matches today’s most stylish flat-panel TVs and furniture.

* Compact means go-anywhere for Blackstone TL: on shelves, on the wall, on stands. Built-in keyhole slots and threaded inserts (that fit virtually any brackets) give you multiple mounting options.

* Gold-plated, professional-style 5-way binding posts, for the most secure connection options.

* All models in the Blackstone TL Series are available in convenient, professionally matched 5-packs for instant home theatre solutions in any room. There are two complete systems available that include a subwoofer; everything you need for an explosive, compact, easy-to-connect home theatre system. Plus, you can use individually-available satellites to expand your systems to accommodate 6.1, 7.1 and beyond.


* Total Frequency Response: 40 Hz → 22 Hz
* Lower and Upper -3dB Limits: 45 Hz → 20 Hz
* Peak Power Handling: 100 watts
* Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel: 10 watts → 100 watts
* Height x Width x Depth: 10.16 x 38.1 x 8.89 cm
* Weight: 1.52kg

* Total Frequency Response: 40 Hz → 22 Hz
* Lower and Upper -3dB Limits: 45 Hz → 20 Hz
* Peak Power Handling: 100 watts
* Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel: 10 watts → 100 watts
* Height x Width x Depth: 16.51 x 9.53 x 12.38 cm
* Weight: 1.85kg

* Total Frequency Response: 40 Hz → 22 Hz
* Lower and Upper -3dB Limits: 45 Hz → 22 Hz
* Subwoofer Array Driver Enclosure Type: Downward Firing Vented Port
* Subwoofer Array Driver Complement: (1) 8″ (20.32 cm) d (Round) – Subwoofer
* Height x Width x Depth: 35.24 x 31.75 x 31.75 cm
* Weight: 9.3kg

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Polk Audio

Polk Audio grundades av Matthew Polk, George Klopfer och Sandy Gross 1972. De tre träffade varandra först när de studerade vid Johns Hopkins University Baltimore . Efter examen 1971, samarbetade teamet för att konstruera ett ljudsystem för ett Bluegrass Musik konvent.  Efter att ha tillbringat en kort tid med att tillverka PRO audio produkter, vände Polk Audio sin uppmärksamhet mot prisvärt högpresterande Hifi Högtalare. Med lanseringen av den första framgångsrika modellen 1974, Monitor 7, fick Polk Audio erkännande inom Hifi världen. Polk Audio använde ett tvåvägs filter på nästan alla sina högtalare och blev ett signum för deras konstruktioner.