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NP5 Prisma Update Program erbjuder ägare av PRE60, NP30, I32 MM30 och PRE32 MM30 modeller en NP5 Prisma för 2750 kr (5490 kr).

Primares Nätverksspelare med streamig. Har AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Spotify, Bluetooth och Roon Ready

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NP5 Prisma Update Program erbjuder ägare av PRE60, NP30, I32 MM30 och PRE32 MM30 modeller en NP5 Prisma för 2750 kr (5490 kr). Vid köp av NP5 Prisma Update krävs ett verifierbart serienummer som mailas till oss i samband med beställning.

A Special Product
NP5 Prisma is a clever little device that provides Primare’s Prisma network player technology to virtually any system with a digital input. NP5 Prisma incorporates all the functionality found in our award winning Prisma enabled models, including AirPlay 2*, Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in, Roon Ready*, Spotify Connect, in addition to network connected hard drive control.

Specifically designed to be small enough to slip inconspicuously into any system setup, NP5 Prisma can be used with any product with a digital input, both stereo and multi-channel, Primare or other brands, to provide full Prisma connectivity and control, making it the network player for anyone and any system. NP5 Prisma also allows for volume adjustment and input selection for previous Primare models with RS232 inputs, all using the comprehensive Prisma application.

NP5 Prisma features Prisma, Primare’s new whole-home, high-fidelity control and connectivity solution. Prisma provides multi-room/multi-zone connectivity and control for playback of stored and streamed media, wired or wireless, all managed from any mobile device through a dedicated system control app. In addition to AirPlay 2*, Bluetooth, Roon Ready* and Spotify Connect, Prisma features Chromecast built-in, a unique streaming portal allowing effortless direct connection to hundreds of streaming applications for the best possible performance and user experience.


* RCA: 1 x digital output
* Toslink: 1 x digital output
* RS232: outboard system control port
* Prisma: connectivity and control
* USB-A: x 1
* Ethernet: x 1
* WiFi
* AirPlay 2: by future update
* Bluetooth
* Chromecast built-in
* Roon Ready: by future update
* Spotify Connect
* Dimensions: 143 x 36 mm x 125 (WHD)
* Weight: .5 Kg
* Finish: black

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