Pro-Ject DAC Box DS2 Ultra


Den avancerade DAC Box DS2 ultra är en universell och mycket flexibel D/A-omvandlare av högsta klass. Gemensamt för DS2-serien är en högre prestanda, ny design, bättre byggkvalitet samt möjligheten att specialbeställa med träsidor.

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The market for HiFi headphones has been expanding rapidly in the last years. There have been brought out new models and new driver designs. These headphones are able to produce outstanding sound, the amplifiers from which they are fed mostly are mediocre. For example planarmagnetic headphones demand more current and simply need more power to be driven to their full potential. Our new Head Box DS2 B will drive anything with ease as it puts out powerful 1100mW into 33ohms. It has three different current settings to match any headphone type and features four gain settings for high impedance headphones as well as sensitive in ear monitors. The fully balanced dual mono design is completed with a phase inverter to con-vert any unbalanced signal to a balanced one straight at the input. A balanced 4 Pin XLR output on the front guarantees perfect signal transmission to your headphone. The highly acclaimed Texas Instruments TPA6120A2 chip has been implemented for best possible power handling, which results in superior sound and a near dead silent noise floor. Both outputs on the front can be used simultaneously for shared listening experiences. The Head Box DS2 B is able to adjust to every headphone in your collection: hard to drive dynamics, current hungry planarmagnetics and sensitive in ear monitors! Pure pleasure out of one box.

* Enough power to drive demanding headphones
* Dual mono design principle
* Four gain settings to match any headphone
* Three current settings to deliver best sonics
* Single ended (6.3mm) and balanced (4 Pin XLR) headphone output
* Both outputs usable simultaneously
* Phase inverter built in at input stage to convert unbalanced signal to a balanced one for superior sound
* Powerstage realized by two TPA6120A2 chips
* BLUE ALPS potentiometer for best volume control
* Optionally with wooden side panels
* Available in silver or black


* Power output: 2x 550mW (into 33ohms, both channels driven)
* Signal-to-noise ratio: 98dB (A weighted, full output)
* THD +N: < 0,02%
* Gain (unbalanced): 0,3,9,12dB (without load)
* Gain (balanced): 6,9,15,18dB (without load)
* Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz (+-0,2dB)
* Analogue inputs: 1 pair RCA/Cinch sockets line, 1 pair XLR input
* Headphone output: 1x 6.3mm (single ended), 1x 4 Pin XLR (balanced)
* Analogue loop outputs: 1 pair RCA/Cinch. 1 pair XLR
* Headphone impedance: 8 – 600ohms recommended
* Trigger in/out: 12V
* Power supply: 18V/1A DC
* Standby Power consumption: < 0,5W
* Dimensions W x H x D: 206 x 71 x 218 mm (alu)
240 x 72 x 218 mm (wood)
* Weight 1461 g (alu) without power supply
1960 g (wood) without power supply

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