Quad Vena II

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Integrerad 2-kanalsförstärkare på 2x45W 8Ohm. 2 analoga, 2 optiska, 1 coaxial, bluetooth, USB, phono (mm).

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Integrerad 2-kanalsförstärkare på 2x45W 8Ohm. 2 analoga, 2 optiska, 1 coaxial, bluetooth, USB, phono (mm).

Vena II har dubbla analoga RCA-ingångar samt nyheten på denna modell Phono (MM), samt en pre out RCA för inkoppling av ett externt slutsteg, alternativt en aktiv subbas.

Smart aesthetics are important to today’s music lovers.
The Vena II’s small footprint (compared to many amps in its class) allows flexible positioning and ensures the amp slips tidily into a range of environments. The amp‘s dapper design is enhanced by a choice of four finishes: Quad’s classic Lancaster Grey is the standard option, while three premium finishes – Sapele Mahogany, Gloss Black and Gloss White – wrap the Vena II’s aluminium housing in veneered or lacquered wood.

Technically Excellent
Though technically excellent, Sabre32 Reference DAC chips can be challenging to implement effectively. If the circuitry that surrounds them it is not of a sufficient standard, the resulting sound can seem a little cold and hard; treat them right, however, and the level of musical expression that these chips dig from the digital signal is captivating. One such critical element is the post-DAC active filter; Quad’s design team has paid great attention to this circuit, using op-amps that were specifically chosen for their synergy with the ES9018K2M.

In terms of hi-res file compatibility, the original Vena maxed out at 24-bit/192kHz PCM via USB. The Vena II stretches this to 32-bit/384kHz, alongside DSD (up to DSD256). This ensures the amp is fully equipped to make the most of today’s hi-res music formats, as well as future advances in ultra-high-definition digital sound.


* Dac: ESS Sabre32 ES9018K2M
* 32 bit 384 kHz
* Läser: 32bit/384kHz och DSD256
* Förstärkaretyp: Klass A/B
* Frekvensomfång: 20-20000 Hz
* Effekt: 2x 45W RMS (8Ω) / 2x 65W RMS (4Ω)
* Signal/Brusförhållande: < 0.005% (30W, 8Ω)
* Ingångar: Phono (MM), 2 x AUX stereo (RCA) 2 x optisk; 1 x koaxial 1x USB Type A; aptX Bluetooth
* Utgångar: Pre Out RCA, 1x koaxial; 1x optisk, Hörlursuttag
* Mått (BxHxD): 313 x 94 x 302
* Vikt: 6.1 kg. Med träkabinett. 7.5 kg

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Lancaster Gray, Mahogny, Svart HG, Vit HG


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