Soundsmith Zephyr Mk III

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Soundsmith Zephyr Mk III Pickup

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The Soundsmith Zephyr MkIII enjoys a great history, starting with the well loved VPI Zephyr original, which evolved into the well known Zephyr MKII. In our effort to bring you even higher definition without increase in cost, we introduce the NEW Zephyr MKIII. It features a newly developed aluminum alloy – the same one we are now using in the Paua MKII, just released. This new metal alloy has unique dualistic properties, providing stiffness in the ranges required as well as damping exactly where its needed – and by the proper amount – in the most critical parts of the sonic spectrum. The result is a cartridge that will slam your Rock and Roll while providing a new level of linearity and clarity for the most complex classical and jazz passages.

Attached to our new cantilever material is a tiny new super low mass “High Profile” Contact Line diamond we have developed for the new Zephyr MKIII. This stylus traces more of the groove walls than a standard contact line, but avoids some of the alignment pitfalls that can occur with a high profile contact line design, allowing more azimuth alignment forgiveness than is normally possible with such designs.

These improvements are paired with technology borrowed from our higher end line; “Trickle Down” technology from a unique Dynamic Energy Management System (DEMS) developed by Soundsmith that moves the damped energy and propagates it properly within the cartridge body. This is a similar system we employ in the Soundsmith’s well received and reviewed high end Sussurro Cartridge.

The new Zephyr MKIII is capable of truly remarkable separation and sound stage imaging at a level not previously achievable in a modestly priced design. The composite body and unique DEMS design work in tandem to contribute to the Zephyr MkIII’s ability to produce high-end performance from a moderately priced cartridge. Be prepared to sit back and realize……you may have never really heard your record collection before.

The Zephyr MkIII will provide a level of clarity and beauty that will make you take out your record collection and listen to it all over again.

As always from Soundsmith, all our fixed coil designs are available in dual-coil mono.


* Cartridge Type: Fixed Coil
* Stylus Type: Contact Line
* Output: High
* Available As Dual Coil Mono: Yes

Additional Specifications
* Type: Fixed Coil / Moving Iron
* Mount: Standard ½”
* Stylus: Ultra Low Mass Nude High Profile Contact Line
* Radius of Curvature: 6 x 17 µm
* Cantilever: New Soundsmith Aluminun Aluminum Alloy
* Recommended Tracking Force: 1.8 – 2.2 g
* Effective Tip Mass: 0.28 mg
* Compliance: 10 µm/mN
* Frequence Response: 15 – 45,000 Hz ± 2.0 dB
* Channel Separation @ 1000 Hz: > 28 dB
N/A (Mono version)
* Channel Separation @ 50 – 15,000 Hz: > 25 dB
N/A (Mono version)
* Channel Difference: 1.0 dB
< 0.5 dB (Dual Mono w/optimal VTF setting)
* Output Voltage @ 5cm/sec: > 2.40 mV (HIGH)
* DC Resistance (DCR): 680Ω
* Coil Inductance per channel: 190 mH
* Suggested Preamp Gain: 38 – 44 dB
* Cartridge Weight: 12.2 g (ES series)
* Recommended Load Resistance: ≥ 47kΩ
* Recommended Load Capacitance: n/a

Läs mer på: www.sound-smith.com



Soundsmith är en Pickup tillverkare som ligger norr om New York City. Soundsmith grundades 1972 av Peter Ledermann och har uppnått en kultstatus med sina pickuper i snart 5 årtionden. Soundsmith är Kanske mest känd nu för sin tillverkning och utveckling av Moving iron tekniken för sina pickuper. Idag är varje Soundsmith-produkt handgjord i Soundsmiths Peekskill, NY-fabrik med ett noggrant utvalt team av hantverkare och ingenjörer. Tillverkad i USA