SpeakerCraft SC-TERR-4.1-BU


Speakercraft Terrazza BU-system för utomhusljud. Finns i flera varianter, I detta paket en subwoofer som delvis döljs under mark. Går att bygga med 4, 6 eller 8 satelliter, med 1 eller 2 basar.

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SpeakerCraft Terrazza™ is a value-priced outdoor speaker kit that over-delivers on performance. The SC-TERR-4.1-BU includes four 4″ Terrazza Satellite speakers and an 8″ Dual Voice Coil Burial Subwoofer for an exceptional sound experience. Unlike high performance landscape systems that require expensive high-power amplifiers, the Terrazza Landscape Series are designed to be used with lower powered distributed audio amplifiers or extended audio zones (like Zone 2) from conventional AVRs. The system can be expanded to up to an 8.2 system.

SpeakerCraft SC-TERR-4.1-BU Features at a Glance

* Weatherproof Satellite Speaker Design. Weatherproof fiberglass reinforced ABS enclosures are rugged, ensure years of reliable performance and are no match for weed whackers and outdoor lawn equipment.
* In the Garden or on the Deck. SpeakerCraft Terrazza kits come with either a Burial or Hardscape Subwoofer which are built using a weatherproof, low-noise Rotational Molded Polyethylene enclosures. Both include a high Excursion eight-inch DVC woofer with rubber surround and includes a 2nd order crossover on both channels and are perfect for the deck (SC-TERR-4.1-HS) or in the flowerbed (SC-TERR-4.1-BU)
* High Efficiency Sound. The SpeakerCraft Terrazza system is designed for use with amplifiers with a minimum of 30W of power which makes it a great addition to distributed audio amplifiers or additional zones from an AVR
* Toolless Post Install Adjustment. SpeakerCraft Terrazza satellite speaker feature a quick connect design that allows for quick, thread-free attachment to the stake. It also offers post installation rotation and tilt and final tightening via an ergonomic thumbscrew.
* Handy Hammer Cap. We even include a handy hammer cap that protects the stake from damage when pounding it into the ground.
* Easy System Expansion. Expand your system for up to an 8.2 configuration by putting 2 kits together or by adding additional satellites via the SC-TERR-2.0


* Woofer Size: 4″ / 100mm
* Woofer Construction: Polypropylene Cone
* Tweeter: 3/4″ / 20mm Titanium Dome
* Frequency Response: 34Hz-20kHz
* Impedance: 8 (Ohms) Nominal Per Channel
* Power Handling: 30W Min / 150W Max

* Woofer Size: 8″ / 200mm
* Woofer Construction: Polypropylene Cone

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SpeakerCraft grundades 1976 av Edward Haase, Ken Humphreys och Eugene Humphreys. Ken Humphreys och Edward Haase utvecklade en serie infällnads högtalare som använder samma parametrar som en lådhögtalare. På begäran fick man uppdraget att konstruera avancerade högtalare i sina husbilar utan att ta upp mycket utrymme. Deras första experiment med att byta ut skrymmande lådhögtalare var en högtalare med en väggmonterad Subwoofer och kunna producera lågfrekventa ljud. De testade sedan möjligheten att använda väggar och tak som alternativ för högtalarlådor. Alla experiment gjordes med mikrofoner och olika vägghöljen. Snart reproducerade Humphreys och Haase det högkvalitativa ljudet som producerades av stora, utrymmeskrävande boxhögtalare i infällda  högtalare.  Mycket av detta tidiga arbete gjordes i samarbete med Sonance (Dana Innovations) och båda företagen krediteras med många tidiga utvecklingar för infällnads högtalare.