Van Den Hul T3 The Mountain Hybrid

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Van Den Hul 3T The Mountain Hybrid. Mycket bra RCA eller XLR-kabel

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Van Den Hul 3T The Mountain Hybrid. Mycket bra Rca-kabel

Our superlative representative of the 3T (balanced) interconnects. Once connected you’ll never want to change to any other cable.

* The two center conductors are made of a 900 micron 3T single stranded conductor and individually coated with an extra L. S. C. layer.
* Reduced capacitive load due to the enlarged distance between the center conductors and the shield (screen)
* The shielding (screening) consists of four even layers: two made of heavy silver coated high quality copper multi-strand conductors and the other two are made of L. S. C.
* After a run-in (brake-in, burn-in) time of three to five hours you’ll be travelling through the dramatic improvement of the sound transmission. Destination: there where the music was first performed and registered.


* Design purpose: Interlink
* Available versions: Balanced (XLR), Unbalanced (RCA)
* Conductor material: 3T
* Product range: High-end
* Jacket color: orange
* Conductor: 2 x core conductor (2x 0,9 mm 3T); 4 screens (2 metal/2 carbon)

Läs mer på: www.vandenhul.com

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0,8m, 0,8m XLR


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