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Velodyne SC-8

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Subwoofervalet för den riktigt kräsne!

Velodyne SC-8 Passiv 8″ subwoofer från Velodyne Referens serie, ett optimalt alternativ till Velodyne SC-602 och varför inte satsa på 2 st SC-8.


SubContractor Series

SC·S Subwoofer

Velodyne Acoustics, the # 1 rated subwoofer company for over 20 years, now offers the SubContractor Series – a powerful, easy-to-install line of subwoofers with an outboard. rack-mountable amplifier specially designed for any custom installation need.

The SC-B is the smallest of the se Series subwoofers. Its small size, shallow depth, and flush rear panel allow it to fit anywhere. It connects to the SC-1250 amplifier with conventional speaker wire, giving it maximum placement flexibility. The SC-8 can be placed facing downward, for venting through the kick plate of a custom cabinet. No other subwoofers offer the compact, powerful, low-distortion bass of the se Series!


* Incredibly easy to install and configure using conventional
speaker wire
* Small and shallow – just 10 3/4″ x 10 1/2″ x 9 1/8″ (HWD)
including grin and feet
* Front-firing, sealed cabinet can be placed down-firing (feet included)
* Elegant black pica finish
* The matched SC-1250 amplifier can power one or two SC-B subs (amp sold separately)


* Woofer: 8″ forward firing (6.5″ piston diameter)
* Frequency Response: (+/-3 dB): 28-120 Hz
* Harmonic Distortion: <5% (typical)
* Magnet Structure: 204 oz. Ferrite (12.7Ibs)
* Voice Coil: 2.5″ Dual Layer inner/outer wind
* Video Shielded: No
* Dimensions (H/W /0): (inc. feet & grill) 27.31 x 26.67 x 23.18 cm
* Cabinet: Sealed enclosure
* Shipping Weight: 16kg

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