Chord Leyline 2 Lösmeter

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2 ledare av Syrefri koppar. För Single Wire.

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2 ledare av Syrefri koppar. För Single Wire.

Chord Leyline speaker cable came into being during the first wave of home A/V installation. Amplifiers for all rooms were often installed in one place. This meant long (and sometimes very long) runs of speaker cable throughout the structure. It also meant that the cable had to be discrete and affordable. There were already a lot of cheap cables available, so we needed to develop something better. Size restrictions meant using 16AWG conductors. Long runs meant using a twisted pair design – which suited us as we already using twisted pair geometry to produce speaker cables anyway. Cost ruled out silver-plating or using PTFE, so after much thought we settled on oxygen free copper conductors and low-density polyethylene insulation for conductors.

The problem came with longer runs and a loss of high frequency detail along with space and coherence. We solved this by tin-plating the conductors. It wasnt overly bright cable and would now carry high frequency detail over longer runs. The final version of Leyline featured tin-plated oxygen free copper conductors, low density polyethylene insulation, a twisted pair conductor configuration and a protective PVC outer jacket. The only change made between then and now is that the PVC outer jacket has been changed to polyethylene as it’s a low smoke, zero halogen material (LS0H), meaning Leyline can be installed in public buildings.

Leyline is also a great choice for rear speakers in bigger systems. It can be used with pretty much whatever level of speaker cable you choose for the front speakers, with no loss of overall balance.


* Conductors: 2 x 16 AWG tinned, multi-stranded oxygen free copper.
* Configuration: Twisted pair configuration.
* Conductor insulation: Polyethylene (zero halogen). Red is positive, white is negative.
* Shielding: None. Low smoke, zero halogen, polyethylene outer jacket
* Diameter: 6mm.

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Chord Company är ett företag dedikerat till att erbjuda excellens inom ljud- och audiovisuell kabeldesign. Flertalet produkter har tjänat många utmärkelser inom ljud- och inspelningsindustrin under de senaste två decennierna.
The Chord Company startade sin  till verkning 1985 och är baserat i Salisbury, fortsätter att driva kabeldesign och teknik till dess gränser med majoriteten av sin spektakulära uppsättning prestandaprodukter som är designade och tillverkade i Storbritannien.

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