Focal Flax Evo P20FE


Focal 20cm/8tum FLAX EVO SUB

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The P 20 FE subwoofer is equipped with Focal’s exclusive Flax cone which guarantees high rigidity and therefore bass reproduction with impact.

Robust and reliable, its shaped rubber surround allows impressive articulation, synonymous with dense and deep low frequencies. The coil on glass fibre stand, meanwhile, reduces overheating to guarantee perfectly adapted ventilation. Finally, the 120mm “Dual Magnet” motor offers even more power (500 watts/250 watts RMS).

P 20 FE is the ideal compromise for sealed-box (10 to 15L) or bass-reflex use (10 to 20L).


* Unique, patented Flax cone
* ”Dual Magnet” motor
* Made in France in the Focal workshops
* Power and precision

This flax cone has been exclusively made in France by Focal since 2013. With its original design, it is 100% geared towards acoustic performance. This sandwich cone is formed of a flax fibre core placed between two thin sheets of glass fibre.

Flax is a fibre with the unique ability to reproduce a very natural sound without colouration, with a rich reproduction in the midrange and clear bass strokes. Its lightness offers great dynamics, while its rigidity sustains the bass and provides good damping to deliver a faithful listening experience. Flax fibre is twice as light as glass fibre as it is hollow. Its very low elasticity makes it ideal for increasing the flexural rigidity module of a sandwich structure.


* Subwoofer: 8″ (200mm)
* Magnet: 43/4 x 11/4″ (120x32mm)
* Cone: Flax sandwich
* Surround: Rubber
* Max. power: 500W
* Nom. power: 250W RMS
* Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 82,5dB
* Impedance: 4Ω

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Focal Bil

Focal anses som absolut toppskiktet när det gäller ljud för hemmet, varför skulle man då inte kunna tillverka ljud till bilen.
För att kombinera nöjet att köra med kärleken till ljud och musik, behandla dig själv med högpresterande hi-fi-utrustning för din bil. Focal tillverkar idag flertalet alternativ för dom flesta bilar och är kanske det bästa man nästan kan stoppa i en bil.