GamuT Superior RS7i


3-vägs golvhögtalare

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Give your music the freedom it deserves

Created for the most demanding of music devotees, the RS7i lives to take the lid off your whole music collection and let it show you what it can really do.

A true 3-way design, it features two woofers – the second of which is mounted above the tweeter to deliver stunningly rich, even and smooth bass tones.

Unusually, the mid-range driver is DC coupled, meaning that it’s directly connected to the amplifier. Instead of using capacitors in its crossover, the RS7i employs a special combined series and parallel network to filter low frequencies. This deftly avoids the potential for phase errors or time smearing that can occur in standard crossover designs.

The result? Epic timing, spectacular resolution and the kind of room-filling freedom your music dreams of. Close your eyes and you’re right there, in front of the stage. Your heart’s pounding, your skin’s tingling and you wish it would never end. Now it doesn’t have to.


* Enclosure type: Impulse optimized Bass Reflex
* Enclosure build: Laminated and Form pressed Solid wood over multilayered Birch plywood.
* Enclosure construction: Internal Bracing and pressure control segments and externally machined groves for optimized cabinet surfaces behaviour.
* Floor coupling: Solid aluminium spike system, resonance controlled.
* Internal Enclosure Acoustics: critically positioned & optimized acoustic elements
* Driver separation: By acoustic elements only
* Reflex Port: 2 x Anodized 5 mm solid aluminium, optimized flow, anti resonance coupled to the enclosure
* Input terminals: GamuT machined Solid gold plated copper and Aluminium terminals.
* Connection options: Minimum loss bare wire connection or 12mm Spades or 4 mm Banana.
* Woofer: 3 x 7” sliced cone, dynamic optimized, GamuT Hand treated cone structure.
* Midrange: 1 x 7” sliced cone, dynamic optimized, GamuT Hand treated cone structure.
* Tweeter: 1,5” impulse and resonance optimized Double ring radiator, with GamuT stainless steel wave guide
* Network: Impulse correct and resonance optimized NRLI.
* Network configuration: 3 – way, DC coupled midrange, baffle-corrected for free in room placement
* Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
* Minimum impedance: 3,2 ohms at 250 Hz
* Crossover point: 2150
* Sensitivity: 89.5dB/2.83V
* Frequency response: 27Hz – 60 kHz
* Dimensions: 1310mm (H) 220mm (W) 520mm (D)
* Weight: 68 kg

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GamuT Audio är ett danskt företag som tillverkar Förstärkare och högtalare i High End skiktet. De första versionerna av förstärkare designades av Ole Lund Kristensen i början av 1980-talet och såldes främst till den professionella studiemarknaden. På 90-taletså började förstärkarna säljas till hemmet specialprodukt-ljudmarknaden under varumärket Sirius, vars namn senare såldes till det amerikanska satellitradioföretaget XM / Sirius 2000. Från och med dess har GamuT varit varumärket på Företagets produkter, som även innehåller en CD-spelare och preamp .
Man har gjort sig känd för sina välljudande Mosfet konstruktioner som prisats världen över.