Midland ER300


Midland ER300 En kompakt FM/AM radion med handvev och solcellsmodul

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Midland ER300 En kompakt FM/AM radion med handvev och solcellsmodul

Midland ER300 is an Emergency device, powerbank, AM/FM radio receiver and powerful flashlight

MIDLAND ER300 is an emergency device supplied with AM/FM receiver, principally designed for emergency and safety situations, where keeping in contact is crucial; but ER300 is also an excellent solution for a daily use, for all outdoor activities, camping or in general in leisure time.

ER300 has multiple power sources: the dynamo crank placed on the rear side of the product – that allows the manual recharge during a power outage or anytime away from a power source -, the solar panel that recharges the internal Li-Ion 2000mAh battery pack or simply rechargeable batteries.Thanks to the Mini-USB port it can be powered by a PC or any USB wall charger.

ER300 is a must for emergency situations and is an excellent choice full of features properly dedicated: at first, the ultrasonic dog whistle, that may assist search and rescue teams to locate individuals during emergencies, the extremely bright and powerful flashlight with Cree® led 130L and finally the SOS flashlight beacon that activates the Morse code for emergency assistance.

But ER300 is also a powerful powerbank with USB port able to recharge all portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, BT intercom equipments, XTC action cameras, mp3…), everywhere and without the need of a main socket.Its wide and bright LCD display clearly shows the activated functions and the charge level. The high efficiency Li-Ion 2000mAh battery pack supplied in the package guarantees up to 25 hours of use in normal conditions.


* Radio: FM/AM
* LCD Display
* Hörlurar (3.5 mm)
* USB-laddning
* Ficklampa
* Mått: BxDxH: 192 x 57 x 86 mm
* Vikt: 470 g

Läs mer på: https://www.midlandusa.com



Etón Corporation är ett amerikanskt företag som grundades 1986 och är baserat i Palo Alto, Kalifornien. Tidigare känd som Lextronics, producerar den soldrivna och handvinklade kortvågs- och nödradio som säljs i butiker och online.
Några av dess radioer är tillverkade och märkta för amerikanska Röda Korset och Kanadas röda kors. Företagets slogan är Empowered by Nature. Den har fått ett antal utmärkelser för denna utveckling och har fått ett starkt rykte.