Phoenix Gold RX2 10


10″ subwoofer från Phoenix Gold. RX2 serien är byggd för att flytta mycket luft utan att spränga banken!

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RX2-series subwoofers are designed to give high performance at a great value.

Where most entry line woofers feature 1.5” voice coils, Phoenix Gold RX2 subwoofers feature long wound 2.0” coils which allows for 25mm of peak to peak excursion. This results in an ability to create deep, accurate bass in vented or sealed enclosures.

RX2 subwoofers are conservatively rated at 200w RMS and available in single and dual 4 Ohm configurations.


* 25mm of Peak to Peak Excursion
* Single or Dual 4 Ohms Voice Coil Models
* High Excursion CAE/CAD Motor Design
* KlaraForm Vented Kapton Former technology reduces distortion by reducing heat and resistance
* UNICAP Technology provides a stiff piston for pronounced SPL
* Phoeniroll Surround Technology promotes linear motion
* Torriform Voice Coil Technology: Effectively dissipates heat and minimizes distortion
* Nickel Plated 12 Gauge Speaker Terminal
* Optimized for Sealed or Vented Enclosures
* Powder Coated Anti-Resonant Steel Basket


* Frekvensomfång:
* 200Watt RMS
* 400 Watt Peak
* Singel 4Ohm’s spole
* Monteringshål: 235mm
* Inbyggnadsdjup: 133mm

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2 x 4 Ohm´s spolar, 4 ohm


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